Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day Troy!


It seems like yesterday we became parents.  It's hard to believe we are soon to have a high schooler.  Thank you for being the most amazing Dad!  You are a fine example of what the Lord meant for a father to be. I am grateful that you keep our family rooted in Christ. Thank you for leading us with excellence.  We appreciate your service at church, the long hard hours that you work, the extra side jobs that you work to provide for us, all the loads of laundry you wash,  cooking supper when you are home before me, taking Maisie to the doctor when I can't, for running Maisie to-and-from her activities, for being silly when we need it, assisting with homework, keeping our family traditions and festivals priority, for your amazing creative genius, being able to fix or make anything, for being able to whip out last minute costume requests with ease, and most of all for always being there and being involved in Maisie's life.  I know this is just a small list of things you do for us.  Thank you for making us the most important thing!  I love you with all my heart. Happy Father's Day!

Love always,

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