Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend Celebration

Troy and I started out early Saturday morning by enjoying coffee and breakfast together.  We made a delicious egg scramble with peppers, onions and mushrooms.  Yummy!  We all decided to head over to the church to check out the Just Add Hope Garage Sale.  Found a few things, but then headed to a few other area garage sales.  More on that later.  It was a terrible day for a garage sale.  Rained all morning! 

We were celebrating Father's Day early.  Troy wanted to go to Jacksonville to Grierson Day's Civil War Reenactment.  We got to Jacksonville and the eastbound lane was closed due to flooding. 

We headed in to town and again got stopped by flood waters.  They directed us to the South Jacksonville exit.  We made our way to the park, where they hold the Civil War encampment.  There was water in the entire field.  There were children that were using an inflatable mattress as a raft in the middle of the park.  They were so muddy, but having a blast.  Too funny!  The canceled the event that morning, but we didn't know that.  Troy was wanting to go shopping at the Civil War Sutlery.  Oh well, so we proceeded out of town, but again got stopped by high water.  That was the only other route we knew of home.  Thankfully, there was a state worker in a big orange truck already writing out maps on post it notes to give to people.  Whew!  He said the only route back to Springfield was through Beardstown.  This was 45 minutes out of our way.  It was the only option, as we had to be back by 1:00 pm. 

Oh well, Maisie got a great nap in.

We enjoyed a lovely night at home after working our commitments, and had some grilled chicken are the Bar-B-Que, salad, rice pilaf.  Just watched a little TV, and packed Maisie.

Sunday, we got up early to head over to the University of Illinois ISYM Senior Orchestra Camp.  We had to check in at 9 am.  It was a bit overwhelming for Maisie.  There were 5 camps going on at the same time, so it was a bit chaotic.  Parents were not allowed through registration.  She got her paperwork, key, and signed up for her audition time.  We took her stuff to her room, and got her cello.  She was very anxious and nervous about auditioning.  Sweaty palms, sick stomach.  Very nerve racking, but part of the process.  They have to audition for 10 minutes or so.  They play 4-6 scales, prepared audition bits, and a piece of music of their choice.  She chose Sonata in C Major (can't remember who it's by).  She also had to sight read a very difficult piece of music. 

We arrived at the audition room to find this sign.

Too funny!    The little birdie is holding a trumpet.  Too cute!  This is a top notch camp, and I am so excited she got to go.  She has been to numerous music camps, but this one is big!  We waited outside, and prayed for her.  She came out with a big smile on her face.  Of course we asked her the normal question, "How did it go?"  She said, "The only one in there was Amy!"  (LOL!  She was so upset, but when she had gotten into the judging room it was her cello instructor!)  Amy told me I did a great job, and played all the right notes.  I had to sight read a really hard piece.  She told me it really was pretty good.

We drive to Champaign nearly once a week to take cello lessons from a professor, as there isn't anyone in our area that instructs at the level in which she is able to play.  We are so fortunate to have Amy as an instructor.  She is the most patient person I have ever met.  She really inspires Maisie.  We are grateful. 

We got her all settled into her dorm room.  Her roommate hadn't arrived yet. We attended the parent meeting and took Maisie to lunch at Subway, as that is about all we had time for.  Maisie met her roommate while we were at our meeting.  Her roommate was from the Chicago Suburbs, and plays the double bass.  Maisie said they had lots in common:  music, love of Pirates of the Carribean and Harry Potter, and reading. They were the same age, and neither had been to the camp before.  I was thankful for that!

We stopped for a photo op for Father's Day. 

It was a different kind of Father's Day, but we were together!  We missed going to church today, which rarely happens.  But, it was a great day.  We said our goodbyes, and Maisie went on her way. Troy and I came home and just hung out.  Maisie texted us around 4:30 pm and said she made 4th chair.  Which is huge!  There are 15+ cellos, and when you think she is one of the youngest players.  I was so proud of her!  Troy and I went to Texas Roadhouse for a  sandwich.  He had a burger/salad, and I had a grilled chicken sandwich/salad.  Finished up the night be watching True Grit.

Happy Father's Day Troy! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Way to go Maisie!!! We are proud of you too. Great photos....and we miss you so very much! Love to you all!