Sunday, September 18, 2011

Papersack Flowers and Recycled Paper Bows

Just having a little fun today making papersack flowers with left over sacks from the envelopes I created the other day.....These can be used as gift toppers, gift sack embellishments, cards, etc.  The skies the limit really!

Papersack Fringed Flower

Supplies:  Papersack, Costume Jewelry Earring for center of flower, FabriTac Glue

Fringed Flower with Rosette Center

Supplies:  Papersack and Security Envelopes, FabricTac Glue

Paper Shabby Flower

Supplies:  Papersack, misc. ribbon, paper and lace scraps, thread pieces left over from sewing projects, cheese cloth rosette and earring pearls

Recycled Bows

This past week I learned how to make paper bows.  I have always wanted to learn, but never took the time.  I don't think I will ever buy another bow!  You can use any paper you have around the house.  Check out the Spring 2011 issue of, Greencrafts.  Jennifer Jackson has a great article entitled, "Fun and Frilly Package Toppers".  Tracie Lampe ( and Maya Donenfeld ( have great instructions on making paper flowers and bows.

Garage Sale and Thrifty Finds

It has been so crazy this past couple weeks, it's been hard to find time to create anything.  However, we didn't have much going on this weekend, so we were able to visit a few garage sales in the area.  I found a lot.  Troy wasn't so lucky.  Here are a few of my finds:

A lovely ladies costume jewelry!

Great collage fodder...A huge stack of Eagle Stamp Saving Books.

Two Scrabble Board Games.  Everytime I see one I buy it for the letter tiles.

My husband spotted this spice rack for me.  He thought I could benefit from it while using my spray inks.  Genius!

This great little metal box with alpha dividers, a basket for my desk to store items that I use often like rub-ons, Dominos, a little black book from 1899 that has prayers in it.

An old fraternity suitcase from Bradley University.  I am going to use it to store my costume jewelry.

My favorite children's board book, Barnyard Dance, by Sandra Boynton.

And last but not least, a board game called, Life Stories.  It will be fun to play during the holidays.  (i.e. if I don't use it for journal prompts first.)

Looking forward to next weekend.  There are tons of sales in the area.  My mom's coming to visit this next week, so it should be a fun time.  Happy Treasure Hunting!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Papersack Stationery

I have had a big stack of papersacks sitting around since the little paperbag scrapbooks were popular.  I was kinda tired of looking at them.  There are so many possibilities with papersacks.  I made a papersack journal as a gift recently.  I was inspired by an article in the Autumn issue of GreenCrafts.  Love that magazine!  Cynthia Shaffer, created paper bag stationery.    I was inspired and decided to create some cards and envelopes.  I used the large lunch sack.  I was able to make two envelopes from each sack.  I made a template on cardboard using an envelope I already had.  Life has been a little busy so I have only had time to make a few.  I don't know that I will ever buy a  card again....Well, maybe because I have a card and paper fettish!  Here is a taste of what I have made so far.

More later!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Art Studio Weekend Makeover

My art space just wasn't working for me anymore.  I had to do something!  Our whole family is creative, and we desperately needed to have more work space.    Since we had a three day weekend, we decided to dive in and get it done.  I have now taken up half the basement and the closet under the stairs.  It's constantly evolving, and I am sure it will change again over the coming months.  

Art Studio Before
Recently, we were given two old tables that were in bad shape.  Troy had the tops sanded at a local woodworking shop for only $30 dollars.  They had a 36 inch belt sanding machine.  It would have taken Troy lots of hours with a belt sander to clean them up.  Troy worked his magic and refinished the table skirt and legs. 

Table Top Before

Table Top After

They are so beautiful!  I am so grateful!

Studio After

Stair Closet Storage
I am so excited.  My girl has a place to craft with me now!
My goal was to use what I had around the house.  I didn't want to buy anything.  We only spent $40 total.  $30 for the table refinish, and $10 for the bulletin board for my frame.  I need to get stuff on my bulletin board for inspiration.
  Time to get busy and get creative! 

Have a great week!