Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heart Mixed Media Canvas

I finally completed my heart mixed media canvas I started several weeks ago.  I covered the canvas with various collaged papers.  I then covered the entire surface with gesso.  I randomly stenciled hearts using modeling paste over the entire canvas. I then covered the entire canvas and modeling paste hearts again with gesso.  I love Liquitex Acrylic Ink.  The vibrant colors are amazing.  It's permanent and doesn't smear.  I love rainbow colors.  I sprayed water over the entire canvas and added the acrylic ink.  I love the way the colors mixed with one another.  Once it was dry I used my pilot pen and outlined each heart.  I added pops of color using Portfolio Oil Pastels and highlighted each heart using gesso.


  1. Wow make it sound well, pretty easy. I love the outcome! Beautiful...

  2. You do beautiful work! I love the mixed media books you have created!