Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm still here....

I apologize for neglecting my blog this past month.  Life has just been too busy.  I literally had no time!  I have managed to do a few crafty things.  I started my fall art journal book.  You might remember my art journal peek I posted back in September.   I had no goal in mind, but to use what I had lying around.  I still need to add the pictures yet.  I like the rawness of the book.  It's simple.

I covered the cardboard cover in gesso and scraped various fall colors with my credit card on it.  I then added a bit more gesso for texture and stamped brown leaves on it. 

I created a hidden pocket using an old photo envelope that was Grandma Gilmore's. 

She had written "Keep" on the envelope under the flap.

I sewed some strips of paper to tuck special things into the book.  I stuck the brochure to the Great Pumpkin Patch here.  I also taped the purchasing card to the left that one uses to check out at the Great Patch.

I have some great papertowels from wiping up ink and paint while creating other pages.  I thought this one was cool and turned it into it's own page. 

It has a long way to go, but I lack time.  I will get it done eventually.  If not, oh well. :)  I am also in the process of making my Christmas Art Journal.  I love to document the holidays.  Stay tuned!  Happy Fall Y'all!

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