Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Peek

Last year I took Dawn DeVries Sokol's, Doodle: 12.31, Christmas Art Journal Workshop.  I just signed up again yesterday.  I had so much fun reminiscing old memories and documenting new ones.  She is still taking registrations.  She taught us how to put a book together last year.  This year you have to supply a prepared book ready to go.   I am diligently working on mine.  Last month, I went to an estate garage sale and found an old Bozo the Clown children's record album that was falling apart.  I decided to use it as my book.  So far, I only have the cover done.  I am still in the process of picking out the pages of my journal.  I will be painting some Fabriano papers to stick in here and there amongst the scrapbook and vintage papers.

  I found a worn out Twas the Night Before Christmas Pop Up Book last year at a local antique store for a $1.00.  I couldn't resist it.  I will be incorporating the pages of the book randomly throughout my journal.   I first gessoed the cover, then collaged a vintage piece of  Twas the Night Before Christmas sheet music to it.  I also used a snowflake stencil and added modeling paste to give the page some texture.  I then covered the raised snowflakes with Modge Podge and sprinkled them with glitter for texture.  I removed the backs of some snowflake brads and glued them randomly over the page for added bling.  I then began creating the "window"   I glued the page of the children's book to a transparency and allowed it to dry.  Once dry I placed another transparency over it and zigzaged three sides.  I added the fake snow, stars, and sequence inside.  I then sewed the top of the "pocket".  You can shake it around inside the pocket.  It reminds me of the snowglobes I had as a kid.  I took red ribbon to create a "window" around the transparency.  I added Snowtex to the outside of the window.  I embellished the front with a bargain bin snowflake, and gessoed, painted and added some glitter to some chipboard letters I already had.  I collaged the backside of the cover with Christmas papers that are a variety of vintage and scrapbook papers.  I am still trying to decide how to bind the book.  I was thinking about tackling the kettle stitch, but not sure I am brave enough.  We'll see... 

Happy Creating to All!

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