Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabric Pouch with zipper and more

Hope everyone is having a good week.  It's been kinda wacky this week.  I have been hit with this weird allergy cold thing.  I think it's viral!  Just plain annoying really, but I am trying not to let it slow me down.  Looking forward to Easter weekend.

I have been wanting to make some fabric pouches to store my art supplies when I am out and about and traveling.  Sometimes I just want to do a little art journaling when I am sitting in the waiting room, waiting for Maisie, at a restaurant, or traveling with the family.  Sarah Whitmire has a great online workshop called Jet Set Journaling.  The workshop focuses on building the perfect travel kit.  I always pack way too much stuff when I travel, and sometimes less is more.  I have learned some great tips and really enjoyed it.  You can find out more about it at   I found this great You Tube video on how to make a lined, zippered pouch. .  I am not much of a seamstress, but I am improving!  I love fabric!   Last month I went to a fellow crafter's "Destash Extravaganza" and got some amazing vintage fabrics, tablecloths, etc.

Here are a few of the pieces I picked up:

Crewel Embroidery Panel
This one is fun!  Have an idea for a heritage recipe journal with this one.
Love the colors in this one!

I really think this one is cool!

 I was so excited to use them, and decided to use a piece of bark cloth for one of the pouches.  I embellished it a bit, and viola! 

The black and white fabric was a remnant I found in the bin at Joann's.  It is so me. :)  I hope to make some more.  I had so much fun, and trying something new.

Happy Easter!  Michelle


  1. Oh my! Showing this to Lynne....who has a sewing machine and can sew!! I want one. Love the embellished one...the first one and yes, the black and white is you. Reminds me of your doodling. GREAT job!!!

  2. Oh cute..I so want a tute on this. Not sure I can sew a zip in but can try.