Sunday, July 22, 2012

Road Trip To Savannah, GA Part Two

I thought I'd share a few more pictures from our trip back east.

Our first day in Savannah we took a tour of Fort Pulaski National Monument.  Very interesting place. It was a Confederate fort for the first 16 mo. of the Civil War.  The Federals overtook it with the aid of riffled canons.  You can still see remnants where the shells struck the walls.  There was one piece of ammunition still lodged in the wall.  

Guard watch window near drawbridge
Moat surrounding the entire fort

In the center of the fort was this enormous fig tree.  They think it's the largest fig tree specimen possibly in the world, but they aren't positive.  It had the most amazing sweet smell.  They believe the lighthouse keeper planted it over 100 years ago.

We couldn't wait to put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean.  

We then took a tour of the 250 yr old Tybee Island Lighthouse.  200 stairs up to see a great view of the island.  It was well worth it.  It's hard to believe the lighthouse keeper climb those stairs multiple times an hour!

We left the island and headed into Savannah to check into our bed and breakfast.  We stayed at the amazing Foley House Inn on Chippewa Square.  One of the scenes from Forest Gump was filmed in Chippewa Square.  The bench is now in a museum, as people were vandalizing it.  It was the perfect place to stay.  It was within walking distance of everything!  

Cozy Room

More later!  Hope you are having a great Sunday!


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