Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Valentine's Day Present

The Quilt Before

My renaissance man has been busy creating again.  I told you he could make anything.  Everything from sewing a bag to building a house.  It really doesn't matter.  I am so blessed.   I found this little velour crazy quilt at Salvation Army about a month ago for $3.  I told Troy I wanted to make an art journaling bag for times you journal "on the go".  I just loved the colors in this quilt.  He said, "Can I make it for you?"  I wasn't going to argue with him.  Honestly, he sews way better than I do.  He used some black velour fabric leftover from making Maisie's Harry Potter Halloween Costume cape for the sides. 

  The Creative Process

So, this was my Valentine's Day present.  It's perfect!  I love it so much.  I will treasure it.

View with open flap

It comes complete with an outside zipper pocket.

Inside view.  He used the back of the quilt to line the inside of the bag.  It has two divided pockets, and a small inside pocket for pens.

Thank you Troy.  I love you.-Michelle


  1. Sooooooo awesome!!!! I am in love! Troy, you did an awesome job!! and Michelle, you are so blessed to have Troy. Thankful for you both!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting photos!! I look forward to being a follower of your blog! You are inspiring!!

  3. LOVE the bag. BTW, got a gmail account yesterday but don't email me there because I won't check it. But now I can comment!!!