Thursday, February 10, 2011

39 things!

I was inspired by Mary Ann Moss once again. She had created a list of 48 things she wanted to do before she turned 49 this year.  So, I created my own list.  This will mark the end of my third decade.  Yep, BIG 40 this year.  Ok, well, I am getting started a little late on this list.  I will be 40 in September.  I am not sure I can squeeze 39 things in by September.  However, I can try.  Here goes my list of 39 random things (not in any certain order)  I WANT to do this year:

1. Take a photo walk at Lincoln Memorial Gardens during each season.
2. Make Kayla's Bierocks recipe.
3. Go camping at Jim Edgar Panther Creek Wildlife area. (in a CABIN!)
4. Take the Brussells Ferry on the Illinois River to pick peaches in Calhoun County.
5. Tap a maple tree.
6. Go eagle watching
7. Plant holly bushes
8. Make Orange Marmalade
9. Visit Quad Cities and visit art museum on river
10. See a live performance at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis
11. Attend a Symphony at the outdoor amphitheater in Millinium Park Chicago
12. Ride a bike along Lake Michigan in Chicago
13. Ride Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier
14. Take a carriage ride down Michigan Ave in Chicago
15. Go "thrifting" in St. Louis
16. Take road trip down Route 66 through Illinois
17. Go on 100 mile garage sale
18. Eat ice cream with the family on the square in front of Old State Capitol.
19. Go to the Apple and Pork Festival in Clinton
20. Reorganize Craft Studio
21. Take an online art journaling class
22.  Make Easter Sugar cookies
23. Pick and Freeze Blueberries
24. Go to Farmers Market as a family on Saturdays
25. Try my hand at running
26. Ride bikes more often
27. Read Bible in 90 days
28. Take an architectural photo walk of Springfield
29. Make May Day baskets and give them away
30. Read more
31. Go fishing
32. Take a drawing class
33. Explore a nearby small town
34. Go hiking at Lincoln's New Salem.
35. Make a heritage recipe book
36. Go walking in the rain with Troy
37. Have a pillow fight
38. Paint a room Turquoise Mist
39. Take a Sunday drive to buy melons around Havana

Like I said... This is a long list.  Some of them, I have already done this year.  Many of them are family traditions we do every year, but some of them we haven't been able to do for a while.  Maybe since I wrote it down, I will get some of them done.


  1. This list made me cry. Its a great list of wonderful things to do for you and enjoy with your family. I love you all!