Thursday, July 3, 2014

SKETCHBOOKERY is in session!

I'm back...

Took a blog break.  Life is so crazy busy these days. However, my daughter's summer camps are over, and now I can begin to enjoy the summer.  It's going to be a crazy ride this year, as my daughter is going to be a senior.  Where does time go?  

I was so excited when Mary Ann Moss announced her new class SKETCHBOOKERY.  I have been wanting to grow as an artist.  I love watercolors and sketching. As a working mother it's hard to always find time, but I MUST TO REMAIN SANE!  It's my little get away, my calm.  I have taken many of Mary Ann's other classes, she is a huge inspiration and a gifted teacher.

Mary Ann is teaching us about Blind Contour and Modified Contour drawings.  

I made my sketchbook last summer out of a book I found on a trip to Savannah, GA.  It's from Belgium originally.  I love it. It's almost full.  Only a few pages left.  I will have to shop for a couple more this weekend.  

I am using Koi Watercolor Pan Set of 24.  I took each color and blended them together and made color references like below.   

I don't take my drawing seriously.  I use it for experimentation.  I have never taken an art class, and I love any time I get to play. I dream of traveling and sketching my way through Europe!  *sigh* 

Here are a few of the Modified Contour Drawings I did today while on break at work.  I was drawing what I had on my desk.    

Drawn using Permaball Pilot Pen-Black

Drawn with Permaball Pilot Pen-Black

Sketcher Non- Photo Blue Pencil by Caran d'ACHE

Hoping to find some time to play over the long weekend!


  1. Clicked over from Sketchbookery. I especially like the Chatter Phone key chain. For a minute there, I thouight, she has a dial phone on her desk? lol

  2. Love your sketches! Thanks for visiting! BTW, your DLP is gorgeous as is all of your journaling!

  3. I love your Sketches and your sketchbook! What is the Titel of the Original Book?

  4. Thank you all. Erna, I'm not sure what the title is. It's in a foreign language. Not sure if it's French or Flemish?