Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Weekends Garage Sale Finds

This was a huge weekend for garage sales in the area!  I got off early on Friday to spend some time with Troy, so we decided to hit a couple garage sales while we were out and about.  We didn't find a whole lot Friday, as most people weren't open for business.  I did find this sweet very old nursery rhymes book.

Don't you just love the artwork?

  It has no cover, and it is a bit rough.  However, I think it will make great collage paper.  The art work was so detailed and colorful!

I had received an email from the Springfield Art Association that someone was getting rid of a ton of art supplies.  Maisie and I decided to check it out before we headed to Champaign for cello lesson.  She had some nice stuff, but was selling it all in "bundles".  Strange!  $60 for an entire Rubbermaid stackable drawer that was taped shut so you couldn't see what was in it.  Crazy!   So Maisie and I drove around the corner and happened on another sale.  I was going to drive on, but Maisie said we should check it out.  Boy am I glad I listened!  First, I found some miscellaneous chipboard albums.

misc. tins, clear stamp blocks, and a rectangle chipboard album cover.

Then..I found a Heidi Swapp New Orleans double sided alphabet stamps set $3, a complete alphabet/number/shape set in it's own little box $4, another script alphabet set $3, and some decorative flourishes that will be great for stamping backgrounds in my journals.

A close up of the alphabet stamp in it's own case.

A close up of the large alpha set by Heidi Swapp.  They are foam, but I love the font!

Another alphabet stamp set called "Ransom" in it's own little case.

As far as I am concerned one can never have too many alphabet stamps.  You never know what you will be in the mood to use. :)

Miscellaneous Papers....

These cute little library pockets that have pull out cards for 25 cents (original price $2.99 each)

Letter masks, and different rub ons.

More rub ons....

Lovely lace trims, and eyelet trims.

A 30 slot paper rack!  I have been wanting a nice heavy duty paper rack, but they are too expensive.  There was a price tag that said Scrapping Bee, which was a store in town that went out of business.  I think these ladies must have been owners of that store.  This is a great find for a bargain price of $30.  There was a lady that came up right after I told the guy I was going to purchase it.  She was willing to pay more, but the man graciously said it was already sold.  The lady was really mad.  I had to run to the ATM as I had to get more cash, and the was nice enough to hold it.  When I got back the man told me that the lady was looking for me to offer more money to me than I paid them.  Of course, the answer would have been NO!  I am so humbled by this find.  They are REALLY expensive to buy direct.

I also needed a paint storage carousel, and found this one that holds 160 paint bottles.  I love it! $8.  I also found this cool metal book rack $1.  I have my journals on it. (to the right of the paint carousel.)

I recently found this antique very old postcard rack.  I keep my vintage postcards on it, so then I can make color copies and use the image for whatever I am working on. 
Here is a closer view, but it's kind of dark.  It's a bad day for pictures, cloudy, cold and rainy.

Fun stuff! The Lord blessed me this weekend! I am so grateful! 

I am looking forward to creating something with all my new finds.  Here is the latest view of my desk.  Right now I am working on a new layout using rainbow colors.  My sister-in-law created the cutest card using rainbow colors and inspired me to do something using ROYGBV.  Check out her blog at:

A view of my sewing desk.  Check out my thread!  I only had a few colors before, but  I was at an antique store last weekend and found several bags of thread for $2.  Thread's outrageously expensive!  It will be just fine for what I use it for creating mixed media, even if it is old.  I found some cute wooden spools too.  I have an idea for something with those.  More on that later.

Here is a view of my studio to date.  Really not much different....but always something fun! 

Hope you all have a great week.  I am hoping it is sunny tomorrow so I can plant my container gardens. 

Take care,


  1. Oh my Michelle.....i can hear the wishful sighs of my NZ friends from here. You were so blessed with your finds!!! I am so happy you found such fun things. Wishing we could shop together. Love those library cards and that post card holder. Soooo cool!!! Happy Crafting!!!! Love you very much!!!

  2. Oh that is pure heaven. What finds and fun you had! I so am sneaking in Lydia's bags next time she heads your way. I wish we had sales like that here