Sunday, May 8, 2011

Removeable Fabric Cover Journal

Happy Mother's Day!

Life has been busy with all the usual spring activities:  school projects, spring concerts, mowing, pulling weeds.  Spring has been holding on this year.  It is nice to enjoy the cool weather instead of going straight into summer. 

I haven't had a lot of time to be creative the past few weeks.  I did have fun creating a gift for a friend who had twins a week ago.  They were born early, but continue to grow and gain strength everyday.  They are so sweet, and so are their parents.  I made my friend a removeable fabric cover journal.  I made a scrappy quilt and sewed it to the front.   I found the idea via who led me to these fabulous instructions:

It was super easy to make, and turned out so cute.  It is fitting for this Mother's Day.  Here is to you mother's....Celebrating you!  Motherhood is the most challenging job, yet most fulfilling job I have. 

Proverbs 22:6
inside view

Have a great day!-Michelle

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  1. Darling Michelle! Those wee birds are so cute! I love the idea of the doilie as the nest. Such a cute idea. Glad you are having a nice spring. Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    Love ya,