Sunday, June 3, 2012

Art Room Reorganized

I don't know about you, but my art room is constantly evolving.  I think I have the best placement for stuff, and then realize it just doesn't work.  I had to do something!  I've decided, I must to be able to see all my supplies in order to feel inspired.  My husband is amazing, and had extra peg board in his shop and installed it for me.  He spoils me really!

I then asked him if he could build me some shelves so I could put all my vintage books, papers, etc. on it.  Who knew I would have it the same day!?  He also put a metal strip on the bottom of my ink shelf for me.  I hot glued a magnet on the bottom of my stickles.  It's a perfect place to hang them.  There is nothing more annoying than Stickles with air bubbles!  I tend to do most of my painting on the center table, so I made that my paint station.  It's very difficult to organize it, as all three of the people in our home are creative.  It was most important to put all the tools so everyone could find them easily.  I think we accomplished that.  I have a few more things to tweak, but I am pleased with the end result.   

Happy Creating!


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  1. What a beautiful set up! You are very lucky to have a handy guy.