Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fairy Garden

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you have had a great day!  I know I have!

My daughter, Maisie, has been wanting to make a fairy garden for several years now.  We had problems finding the right plants, but were finally able to find some this year. 

It was a special thing to do with her this Mother's Day.  I'm glad that she still likes to do these things with me.  We had such a blast!

I have a thing for galvanized metal wash tubs.  I love to plant my flowers in them.  We had an extra one hanging in the shed, so we used that as our container for our garden. 

We made a trip to Michael's to find a few things to decorate our garden.  We found a birdhouse that was perfect.  Troy worked his magic and sided the house with barn wood. 

He roofed it with some extra copper flashing we had in the garage.  He also made a fence out of the barn wood.   It was the extra special touch we needed!

We used the following plants in our garden:

Irish Moss
Brady's Duckfoot Coleus
Chicken Gizzard
Hypoestes Red
Hypoestes White
Sheff Arboricolainini
Violets Elfin Thyme
Kay Kay's Angel Vine
Viola's Cigar Plant

Then the fun began.....all the fun details!  We found some black stones and river rock at Michael's  We used the black stones for the path up to the house.  Wooden spools were the perfect choice for the table and stools.  We used the river rock for the  "patio" floor.  We had dad cut a table top from a log we had in the firewood pile.  We also had him cut some logs for stepping stones.   We have acorn tops for "teacups".  Michael's had some cute fairies in the plastic toy section. Troy cut a log to use as a stool for one of the fairies to sit on.   Maisie had dad paint her Polly Pocket Pool black for the pond.  She added river rock to the bottom.  Perfect!  We added Spanish moss for extra color and texture. 

It's so AWESOME!  A special memory we will cherish always! 

Happy Mother's Day!


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