Monday, February 13, 2012

Recent Vintage Finds

On Friday, my husband and I spontaneously decided to head out to the local auction house.  We had never been, but have heard lots of good things about it.  We had a lot of fun, and came back with a couple things.  I fell in love with this neat old box.  It obviously came out of a man's shop as it was full of remote control toy parts.  It was very dirty, but a little elbow grease and.....Voila!  Cool old box for my bits and bobs!

I also found this precious picture of a little girl in a really awesome frame.

I visited the local Salvation Army and came across these really neat finds.  This old iron was only $1.55.  It has all the parts and the original owners manual and box. 

Who could resist a bag of old wooden spools for only $4.95?  I know I can't!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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  1. Oh my Michelle......I LOVE your finds!!!! I would have been getting those spools too!!