Sunday, September 18, 2011

Papersack Flowers and Recycled Paper Bows

Just having a little fun today making papersack flowers with left over sacks from the envelopes I created the other day.....These can be used as gift toppers, gift sack embellishments, cards, etc.  The skies the limit really!

Papersack Fringed Flower

Supplies:  Papersack, Costume Jewelry Earring for center of flower, FabriTac Glue

Fringed Flower with Rosette Center

Supplies:  Papersack and Security Envelopes, FabricTac Glue

Paper Shabby Flower

Supplies:  Papersack, misc. ribbon, paper and lace scraps, thread pieces left over from sewing projects, cheese cloth rosette and earring pearls

Recycled Bows

This past week I learned how to make paper bows.  I have always wanted to learn, but never took the time.  I don't think I will ever buy another bow!  You can use any paper you have around the house.  Check out the Spring 2011 issue of, Greencrafts.  Jennifer Jackson has a great article entitled, "Fun and Frilly Package Toppers".  Tracie Lampe ( and Maya Donenfeld ( have great instructions on making paper flowers and bows.

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